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Westelcom offers a variety of services like DSL, Business Telephones, IT Infrastructure, Web Hosting and Dedicated Access. Click here to go to our corporate site to learn more.

Through your link to Westelcom Internet's network you can send e-mail, transfer files, access newsgroup discussions, and retrieve valuable information off the World Wide Web. With eight Points of Presence including Westport, Malone, the Tri-Lake Region and Plattsburgh, we enable you to gain access to the Internet via a simple phone call.

With support for 56 Kbps modems [v.90] the Westelcom Internet network supports the fastest dial-up connection speeds available in the industry.

Single user dial-up
A single-user dial-up connection uses a modem and a phone line to connect you to the Internet. It is the lowest cost route onto the Internet and is particularly suitable for users at home, small offices with standalone computers, people on the move with a laptop, and anyone trying the Internet for the first time.

Power User dial-up
If you need to go twice the speed, we have the power to do it. If you have 2 analog modems and wish to use the Win 95/98/NT Multi-link features this is the service for you. This account is also great for family members that need to dial-up from multiple locations like home and work

iPass Roaming Internet Service
Existing Westelcom customers are extended the opportunity to use our exciting new service called iPass. This service allows you to connect to the internet almost everywhere you go (over 8,000 cities and towns around the world). This is perfect for the businessperson on the go. For more information on iPass or to sign up, click here.

Parental Web Lock
Westelcom's Internet content filtering system blocks access to inappropriate materials on the Internet for families, schools, libraries, and businesses. This includes Web sites containing pornography, bomb-making, hate crime, violence and any other objectionable material available on the Internet today. For more information click here.

Spam and Virus Protection
Make spam and e-mail viruses a thing of the past. Introducing Westelcom's Spam Guard and Virus Patrol. Now you can block up to 95% of your of your junk email as well as malicious email viruses from reaching your inbox, and threatening your computer. For more information click here.

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Dial-Up Access Options

Basic 56k Dial-up account
$179.40/yr. ($14.95/mo) or $16.95/mo.
  • One Dial-up access account
  • Five e-mail accounts
  • 10 Megs of personal web space
  • Online Account Manager
  • Free Technical Support available 7 days a week.
  • FREE CD-ROM with IE5.5 Web browser and e-mail

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Power User 56k/112k Dial-up Account:
$29.95/mo. or $310.80/yr.
  • Two Dial-Up access accounts
  • Ten e-mail accounts
  • 10 Megabytes of personal web space
  • Online Account Manager
  • Free Technical Support available 7 days a week..
  • FREE CD-ROM with IE5.5 Web browser and e-mail

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iPass Roaming Internet
As low as 5 cents a minute!
(Rates vary according to location)
  • Access the web from over 8,000 locations   
  • All the conveniences of your regular Westelcom account while you are on the road

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Subscribe to Westelcom Internet and start accessing the world's most important resource, the Internet. You can get Unlimited Access for as low as $14.95/month with a One-year commitment to our service. Sign up online by clicking here.